Monday, November 15, 2010

11/30: The Third Question

We'll be posting here some pictures of the amazing results of today's project.

Like Kristen's:

BONUS: If you have--or have access to--any old magazines, bring them to class today.
(Prizes given to all who do)


  1. can it be any type of magazine? or is there a preference?

  2. anything...variety is good..
    well, except rated R (:

  3. the more the merrier, bring a stack if you have

  4. old or new, doesn't matter..just bring as many magazines as you have that you don't need (that's what i mean by "old," sorry)

  5. This was soo kmuch fun doing this Dave I am gonna miss you we need you to teach Bib lit that woukd be awsome too cool you are a very inspiring teacher with soo many words of encouragement and very inspirational God gave you the gift to teach in our class if somebody didnt know Jesus now they do because of you.
    God Bless Dave and your family