Monday, November 15, 2010

11:18: Who is Jesus?/What is Church? responses

You all know Danny Bartlett, who sits in the front row?

Well, as you may have heard, he used to front a band, Thirteen Arrows. Here he is, live at the Whiskey a Go Go..,..before, as he says "Jesus broke up the band":


Post  your responses/thoughts to our "Who Is Jesus" roundtable discussion, and Rabbi Adam Bernay's  presentation here
below in the "comments" section..

I will link all of our guests to this page, so they can chime in here:

The rabbi (his congregation, his music, , his  book  and radio show download...note: ADAM I CAN"T FIND THE FREE BOOK DOWNLOAD, CAN YOU POST IT BELOW?

Marta Escarcega  (Fresno House of Prayer, her blog)

 Mike Rinaldi  (Here's the website he recommended) 
I know some of you wanted to ask follow-up questions of Rabbi Adam, you can do so below..

(Oh, the videos of Danny Bartlett and his band are here.)


  1. Free book download & other teachings on PDF:

  2. Dave, thanks for the invite fun.
    I wish I could have talked to all the students :)
    Students, I loved the engaging conversations...and would like to continue them if you'd any of you are intrested...i'd be willing to come out to the campus ...have coffee and let's talk.
    I also facilitate a few other small groups...check them out under community' page or on the 7 M schools, listed on the website.

  3. Hello my name is Marisol Amezcua and I just want to thank the guests that came to the class for taking the time to come. Thanks so much and God bless you all! : )

  4. Thank you to our guests for coming. The discussion was very interesting, and I enjoyed it.
    -Joy Weikart

  5. Thanks Adam..Hey, is a direct click to download Rabbi Adam's book for free

  6. Loved talking with Marta and Mike after class about the Rogue Festival and what is church :) Maybe I'll share what I really believe church is someday in class...


  7. Renee:

    church is supposed to be a lot like Rogue Festival, isn't it?

  8. Rabbi Adam you rock! When you sing and started praying I didn't know if I should cry or what. God had bless you with an AMAZING VOICE!

  9. Dlinka: Glad you liked it! My (early) Hanukkah gift to you -- and everyone -- is I've posted a copy of my original Hanukkah song "Give Me The Courage" (for download and also to play on the page) on my radio show's website --

  10. Adam had a typo in his website link's

    Love your music, Rabbiman!

  11. Marta: you need to hand out at FPU more often..thanks again