Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Follow up posts from 8/31 Class Session: 3 Worlds, Chiasm and Inclusio, Set Theory

Great class today; be encouraged!
As promised, here are the three clips we showed today, and more resources:
1)Devotional: "Get Service?". Watch again here:

Oh, here is the devotional we showed last Thursday, "The Heat is On."  Remember the guy with the squeaky shoes and Matthew 18?:

2)From Ray Vander Laan's  "Faith Lessons" series, the episode called "In the Shadow of Herod," which gave us such a great image of the "historical world" of Matthew 2:1 (remember that for each Vander Laan video we watch, there will be a question on the midterm about the main point of the video as it related to the Three World (in this case, we learn about Herod, and we see that he is a very different kind of king than Jesus,
and we learn it by the literary world of Matt. 2:1a, and the historical world image of the Herodian fortress, in whose shadow is baby Jesus).  REWATCH IT HERE:

Here at this click, you can watch Vander Laan's special Christmas episode, which is a variation of the episode above.

3)The other video we watched, "Wet Feet," about the "historical world" background of the Jordan River, is not online, but click here for a slideshow summary of it.
-Remember: the connection between Jesus baptism and creation?

The rabbi's tradition was that when the Messiah came, the Holy Spirit would be hovering over the waters and then descend...in a parallel way to the way he did at the FIRST creation.  The point being: Jesus, upon being baptized (and the Spirit descends)  brings the new creation/new order out of the chaos of the old.
This is discussed on page 4 and 5 of his slideshow linked above (and will be on the midterm).
4)As far as "literary world," here are some links to the literary devices we talked about:

Take a look at how BIG a chiasm can get, from Genesis  (the midpoint being the point):

-The rest of this 5-part video series is here

5)Here are some helpful links on "set theory" and "bounded sets and centered sets".
On the midterm, you'll be asked to  explain the basic idea of the sets, and give two  examples from Scripture or life
of a bounded set, and  two  examples from Scripture or life of a centered set

Click a title to read:


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