Monday, August 23, 2010

Welcome and Site Orientation

Welcome to our course website; I look forward to a productive and rewarding time this fall.
Here I am in Israel..I can't promise to literally take you there;
literally following the footsteps of Jesus..
but we'll aim for the equivalent in class!
(By the way, FPU DOES offer a trip this summer, click for info)

As transfer students to FPU, I hope you are finding that FPU is  indeed a community of learners...that would include teachers.  As  your "teacher," I look forward to learning along with you!

And since we come from a variety of backgrounds, faith traditions, and familiarity with the Bible, know that we will covenant to honor each other where we are as we study together.

I think many of you will be pleasantly surprised how much you enjoy the class.
I was, when I took 1983.


Vintage photo:

This website, which will grow as the semester does, is designed to be a helpful tool towards that end.
If you notice the tabs at top, you'll see it's a quick click to find the syllabus, assignments, etc.  It might be best to always start your visit on this page (click the "home" tab above) to keep oriented, and to find the latest weekly post with any news about class sessions.  Each post here will also provide links, videos, etc. related to our topic that week.  In blog style, these posts are indexed at right under "archives."

I look forward to meeting you; have been praying!

My contact info is at top of the page, my bio is at the right.  I do not have an office or mailbox at FPU, as I am part-time.  Feel free to call or email, and I am glad to set up a time and place to meet.


Dave Wainscott

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