Thursday, September 16, 2010

Follow up posts from 9/16 Class Session: Conversion and Christmas (Matthew 1, 2)

"Devotional" we watched today, anyone remember what it had to do with the theme?:

We began "converting" to the New Testament today..

What do you remember about our discussion of the "literary world" and "historical world" of Jesus' genealogy?
(that question will be on the midterm)
Here's some help from Uncle Ray.

Here's "The True Christmas Story" video we watched (complement to his other video on Jesus and Herod, we showed a few weeks ago here):

Oh, how many shopping days until Christmas?  Check here.

(a few less days til final exam)

Here are the slideshow and notes from Ray Vander Laan's visit to the synagogue at Gamla.
Note that he suggested that Jesus "style" of Messiah, and the kind of rabbi he was, contrasted with the zealousness, capacity for political violence of the Zealots:
'Jesus' message differed greatly from that of the Zealots. He offered freedom—but not in earthly or political ways. Instead, he offered spiritual freedom and lived a humble lifestyle with little earthly power."

How do you see Jesus' method or message similar to/contrasting with that of the Pharisees? Sadducees?

If you didn't catch the definitions of:
Zealots, Pharisees, Sadducees, and Rabbi
..they are all in the glossary of Hauer/Young.

The mid-term will say "Say everything you can about the _________"
 for each group above..

Here's more info on Zealots ,

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