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Follow up 9/30 Class : Final 3 Worlds Assignment, Mid-Term and alternatives

Great class today..remember we caught a mistake in the hard copy of the student guide...the next   (and last!)Three Worlds assignment (which is due next Thurs, 10/7) is to turn in notes for the historical world AND the literary   world(not one or the other) world of a section of your choice chosen from Matt 8-13.  So, one page for each world, but use the same section of Matthew for both pages .  Remember to reread the instructions, noting that you are required to use your textbooks, and to choose a specific section (you may want to choose a fairly small section).   You may (not required, but strongly recommended) use other  resources, but it is recommended that you stick to the sources linked here on the website (on right, under helpful resources).  Two additional resources are EXCELLENT,but only in the library, not online:
Michael Green's "Matthew For Today"  (well, some of it is searchable online here)  and the "New Bible Dictionary."
Also note the instructions clearly say to show some independent thought, not just copy info from sources..

>>>>Today in class, we presented these options below  for the midterm, choose one.  In other words, options 2 and 3 below are alternatives to taking the midterm exam.  Deadline for options 2 and 3 would be the same as for those taking the midterm: 10:45 am Oct. 19.

1)Take the midterm....Note: as the syllabus states, you are allowed to use  a full one-sided sheet of paper with notes  during the exam, and we will be very clear about exactly what is on the exam..In fact, that will be posted in a couple days on the "exam" tab at top of website.

2)Write a 3-5 page paper  (longer OK)   or turn in a power point or video addressing: "What would have been the 'historical world' background that came to mind if you mentioned the concept of 'bodies of water'  to a Jewish/Hebrew person of Jesus day?  What kind of Old Testament/Tanak Scriptures would come to mind?  What kind of images, emotions and cultural backstories would  be part of the reaction?  Mention at least one biblical   (OT/NT) events that happened near or on bodies of water   (Jordan, Red Sea, Sea of Galilee etc) and discuss relevance and meaning..
Here are some places to start:
Here are some notes from the two videos we watched in class today. which will help if you choose the paper on "bodies of water":"When Storms Come (Sea of Galilee)"  and"Piercing The Darkness (Decapolis on the Other Side of the Lake",

 Here is a significant VanDer Laan article on the Sea of Galilee which touches on its symbolism.
Here also are  notes on Jordan River, and  Living Water and  They Left Their Nets Behind.
You will also find Bible Dictionaries  helpful,   as well as commentaries on Matthew (or other books)  and VanDer Laan website linked at right under "helpful resources" or in the library.  Perhaps also your "Three Worlds" textbook.

3)Write a 3-5 page paper (longer OK) or  power point or video on Bethlehem Bible College.   Give findings about what the school is: history, emphasis,  how they serve the community, etc.  Give special attention to what it feels like, and what daily life is like for a school staffed by Palestinian Christians to train Palestinian Christians in a very politically/religiously charged environment (see my photo of the bullet holes in their  old sign! )   What problems exist with the security wall that surrounds the city?  How is their relationship with Israel?  With American Christians? How should we pray for BBC?
Note: Do your best to actually talk to someone there (even if via email). Feel free to email, call or Skppe Webcam (free) the president (Bisahra Awad), his brother Alex Awad, the dean, or any of the staff , students or faculty..You can drop my name with either Alex or Bishara, they may remember me  (I went to seminary with Alex, and Bishara spoke at our church).
Here are some places to start:
the school's  website,      video overview,      several articles, and a video interview with the president
the school's facebook page,     and  Alex Awad's website (which includes a downloadable copy of his book, several articles, etc)

You'll note, and we called attention today, to a helpful literary arrangement of the book of Matthew.
We've become familiar with the five teaching blocks (chapter 5-7: Sermon on Mount, chapter 10: mission, chapter 13: Kingdom parable, chapter  18: church life, chapter 24-25: end times).
But if you look at the way Hauer/Young outline the book, and my slight adaptions, you'll note that preceding each teaching block, there is a narrated section which picks up (and expands on) the theme of that block.
See the class schedule for this month   and next  (section two of course outline) to see how i have labeled these sections...and then follow the references to bodies of water in the section we are currently studying..
Whats up that?  What do you learn from our discussion today?

Note the cross-cultural implications of Jesus' two feedings of the multitude:


(diagram below by John Stevenson, see 2nd link above)

Feeding of the 5,000
Feeding of the 4,000
Mark 6:34-44
Mark 8:1-9
Took place after the multitude had been with Jesus for one day.Took place after the multitude had been with Jesus for three days.
The multitude was mostly Jewish.The multitude would have been mostly Gentile.
Took place near Bethsaida Julias on the northeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee.Took place in the Decapolis on the southeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee.
Jesus used 5 loaves and 2 fish.Jesus used 7 loaves and a few small fish.
There were 12 small baskets of leftovers.There were 7 large baskets of leftovers.

Piercing The Darkness (Decapolis on the Other Side of the Lake"

BONUS: Here's the cheap home movie clip of mine we showed some of today, showing the scenes around the Sea of Galilee, inclucing Decapolis, which we studied today ...also including the infamous Sea of Galilee McDONALD'S...(note: the clip concludes at some war bunkers in the Golan Heights, and the synagogue Jesus taught in in Capernaum):

  Speaking of water... check out these fish in the Jordan River, who nibbled at my feet (or somebody did(:...)as a pastor from Africa and I baptized some folks in the Jordan River:

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